XLC ALL MTN sztyca regulowana SP-T12B 31.6mm 150mm

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XLC ALL MTN sztyca regulowana SP-T12B, Ø 31.6mm, 449mm, czar.,Remote,skok150mm

Optimised for riders weighing 60-120kg, the Telescopic Seat Post SP-T12B is a top-of-the-range mountain biking seat post, engineered to improve the riding of experienced off-road riders. The dropper system features a replaceable air-oil cartridge that is responsible for operating the hydraulics of the seat post, allowing you to lower and raise your saddle by pulling the remote Blaster lever. Because the cartridge can be replaced, the lifespan of the seat post is significantly increased.
The patented one-piece head and CNC-machined saddle clamp provide a secure and stable connection with the saddle, so you can sit comfortably and confidently while riding over rough terrain. The saddle is available in two diameters so you will be able to find the right fit for your bike.


  • dźwignia ze zdalnym sterowaniem CNC, twarda anodyzowana
  • górny i dolny zacisk sztycy obrabiany CNC
  • zasada działania: mechanizm pneumatyczno-olejowy
  • wymienny nabój
  • opatentowane, nisko profilowane jarzmo sztycy
  • niska wysokość montażowa



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